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1.3. Reader Monitoring: My Accuracy Is Unacceptably Low

Measurement Incorporated (MI) uses several processes to monitor Reader accuracy and production.  Our system is constantly reviewing data for each Reader in real time, and each morning the system summarizes Reader performance and determines whether each Reader’s accuracy and production are above average, average, below average, or unacceptably low.  A Reader whose accuracy is determined to be ‘unacceptably low’ is encouraged to review their training materials and to send scoring questions to their leadership for feedback.  Additionally, a Reader may receive unsolicited feedback from their leadership team in an attempt to help improve their accuracy.  Our goal is to help all our Readers improve and to have a successful, rewarding experience while scoring for MI, and we use all tools at our disposal to assist anyone whom the system identifies as a potential beneficiary of targeted feedback and recalibration.

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