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1.2. Enhancements to Reader Monitoring

Measurement Incorporated (MI) is very excited to introduce new, automated enhancements to our Reader monitoring capabilities.  These enhancements are designed to provide you with quick feedback to help improve your performance on items where you may be having some difficulty.  You will continue to have access to a Team Leader to answer your scoring questions throughout the project; these new enhancements are intended to be a supplement to the type of monitoring and feedback MI has provided in the past, and they will consist of responses for you to either score or review.

Because these new enhancements are auto-generated by our scoring system (MIRA), some of our typical feedback tools will be disabled when you are asked to score and/or review these responses.  For instance, if you attempt to send a note to leadership on any of the auto-generated sets of responses, you will receive a message indicating that this option is not available.

The most prominent enhancement we have rolled out is an Automated Reader Recalibration set (ARR).  Each of these sets will contain up to 10 responses focused on a single item.  The first few responses in this set will have been recently scored by you. These scores of yours will differ from the scores given by the second Reader.  On these, you will see the two discrepant scores.  Please review the responses carefully, as they have been selected to assist you in the areas where you are having some difficulty agreeing on the score.

The last five responses in this set will have been scored independently by two other Readers whose scores agreed.  You will not have scored these responses yourself; our system will select them and send them to you as helpful examples to assist you in the areas where you are having some difficulty.  On these, you will see the final, agreed-upon score.  Please review these responses carefully,

Should you encounter similar responses in live scoring and have any questions about them, please send them to your leadership with a note.  Your leadership will be happy to discuss them with you.

NOTE: ARR sets will be generated automatically by the MIRA system and sent only to you.  Your Team Leader and Scoring Director do not have access to these sets and cannot answer questions about responses included in these sets.

MI hopes you will enjoy the opportunity to receive timely feedback designed to improve your performance on each item to which you are assigned.  We are confident that the enhancements we’ve made will boost each Reader’s individual performance and, in so doing, improve the overall quality of our work.  We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and attentiveness as we continually strive to improve.


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