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3.5. Windows 10 Users: Adjusting the Volume

Adjusting the Volume in Windows 10

Find the Volume icon on the right side of the task bar.

(If you are in MIRA, you will need to minimize it or press the Window key to access the taskbar.)

Left-click on the Volume icon:

Ways to adjust volume:

  1. Use the left and right arrow keys. Pressing the right arrow increases the volume and the left arrow decreases volume.
  2. Left-click anywhere on the horizontal white or blue line to set the volume to a different level.
  3. Click and hold on the vertical bar and slide to the right or left.

Enabling Loudness Equalization in Windows 10

Right-click on the Volume icon. 

A menu will pop up. Left-click the top option that says "Open Sound Settings."

The Sound menu in Settings will open.

Click on the blue text that says "Device properties" to access that menu.

Near the bottom of the Device Properties menu click on the blue link “Additional device properties.”

Click the Enhancements tab at the top of the window.

Click in the Loudness Equalization box to enable the enhancement.

Click OK.


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