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5.4. Direct Deposit Information

Once you register for your ADP account, watch this video about setting up Direct Deposit: https://support.adp.com/basic/cr/matraining/sims/wfn/80929/settingupadirectdeposit/index.html

The link above will have you log back into ADP first.

You can follow these written instructions below instead of watching the video:

When you enter, or change, direct deposit information in your ADP account and click SAVE, you may see a banner on the page saying your account information has been verified. If you receive that message, your next paycheck should be direct deposited.

If you do not see this banner, it means that ADP could not verify the information right away, so they will go through the standard verification process during the next payroll cycle. For the payroll cycle when ADP is verifying your direct deposit information, you will be sent a live paper check via US mail to the address on file in ADP. Please check your mailing address in ADP to be certain it is correct and complete.

To change or add your direct deposit information, log into your MI ADP account. When you enter ADP, select Myself from the dashboard and then under the Pay category click on Payment Options to add or change your account information. Note: Only Submit a HelpSpot request if you are unable to update the information.

If you make any changes to your direct deposit information, be sure to click on Save.

If you are NOT making any changes, but are just viewing your DD information, click Cancel to exit that screen when you are done reviewing your information.


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