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1.2. Must Use the Latest Version of MIRA

To check that you are using the newest version of MIRA, go to the Help tab at the top left of the screen, click on the drop-down box, and click About MIRA. This will show you the version number of the software you are using (see example below). You can obtain more information about the latest version of MIRA from a Remote Reader Support Rep at HelpSpot.
If you see an earlier version (that begins with a 1.2.x.x), you will need to uninstall this outdated version.

You will need to uninstall the older version before you install the new version. 


  • Go to Windows Start menu found at the bottom left corner of your screen 
  • Click Computer 
  • Click Uninstall or change a program 
  • Look for any older versions of MIRA with Installed on date 2022 or earlier 
  • Right-click
  • Click Uninstall 


  • On the Finder screen, click Go 
  • Click Applications 
  • Right-click over MIRA 
  • Click Move to Trash 
  • Click Trash and then click Empty Trash
It is crucial that Readers always use the newest version of MIRA. If a Reader continues to score/train on an older version after being instructed to do otherwise, access to a scoring project may be blocked until it is confirmed that the Reader has downloaded and installed the newest version of the MIRA software required by Measurement Incorporated.



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