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1.1. Introduction to Remote Scoring – Installing MIRA

MIRA System Requirements

You must check the Technical Requirements located here before attempting to install the scoring platform (MIRA.)

If your system does not meet these requirements, MIRA will not run and you will not be eligible for a Remote Scoring Assignment.

Installing Measurement Incorporated Remote Application (MIRA)

*Returning readers who already have MIRA installed must update to the latest version available before returning to work.

To install MIRA, click on the link below and follow the instructions provided. Disregard any notice telling you that the application is not certified. MIRA is safe for your computer.

MIRA utilizes a secure browser, accessed via OneDrive:

While running the MIRA scoring platform, please exit any non-essential background applications for best performance.

Systems Check

A systems check will run the first time MIRA is launched, after MIRA updates, and after extended breaks.

Steps of the Systems Check

  1. Bandwidth: Determines if an internet connection is present to run MIRA.*
  2. Browser: Determines if the speed of your computer is sufficient to run MIRA.
  3. Screen Resolution Check: Determines whether the system monitor is set to the minimum required resolution to read student responses.
  4. Image: Verifies that your browser supports images in the required format.
  5. Video/Audio Test: Verifies that your computer supports videos. Audio is included in some videos. Please make sure the volume of your computer is not muted.

If your system fails any of the five checks, you will get a message stating that your system may not perform as expected. Even if your system passes all the checks, we cannot guarantee that this platform will work for you.

If your system passes, you will be taken to the Scoring System where you will use your credentials to log in.

Logging into MIRA


Contact Us for Support

Please see the knowledge books here for support for common issues.

Support is available Monday-Friday during business hours. Due to high volume during our peak scoring season (March through May), support may be limited in the evening.   

You can submit a request for assistance here. Complete all fields accurately and monitor for a response by an agent. Please reply to any additional requests for information.

We look forward to having you join us in the successful completion of the Remote Scoring Project.


*Please note: The bandwidth component checks for a connection sufficient to start MIRA. This check does not determine the user’s connection type or strength. Therefore, a system that passes this check may still lack sufficient broadband connection for all system components to run properly.

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