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2.1. All Projects

The peak work season is approaching and we are accepting applications for new and returning staff. 

If you are a returning Reader, you will need to complete the reapplication for the 2024 Scoring Season so that you can be considered for upcoming Remote Projects. You will be sent an invitation to reapply for the 2024 Scoring Season that will include the information/link to the reapplication process so that you can complete the reapplication questionnaire and be included in the pool of Readers for the 2024 Scoring Season.

Only Remote work is offered this year.

Once you accept a job offer, you will receive an estimation of the start date. This will be confirmed via an official training assignment that has all information included to report to work for your project.

Near project completion:

Your scoring system dashboard and other resources contain information about work availability and seeing the "Out of Work" message. It is important to follow these directions.

Please see the "Reporting to Work After a Hiatus and System Announcements" page in this knowledge book for an update on reporting to work based on your assignment.

NOTICE: Employees are only paid for time spent working in MIRA. You must be logged in to MIRA to be considered actively working. There are rare exceptions to this, such as meetings for leadership. Exceptions such as this will be communicated to you by Scoring Leadership prior to or during the project. Inability to access MIRA during System Maintenance will not be considered as time spent working in MIRA.

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