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1.4. How and when do I register for payroll?

In 2024 we will be using a new payroll system called Paycor. As you reapply and are verified as a qualified reader for the 2024 season, we will send your information to our Payroll Team. The Payroll Team will then upload your information into the new payroll system. At some point in January, we will move you to the next step in this process.  More information about the new Payroll System and a registration link will be sent at that time.

Once you have been sent an invitation to work on a specific project (content, shift, and time zone) and have accepted that invitation, you will be sent an email with instructions to register in our payroll system (Step 9 of the Training Process chart). Please register in Measurement Incorporated’s payroll system (Paycor) as soon as possible. For more information about registering for payroll, please see Chapter 5.1. in this Knowledge Book.



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