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Payroll Knowledge Book

1. General Information

1.1. General Information

If you have any questions concerning your paycheck, please retain your check stub and Submit a HelpSpot request. Do not send emails anywhere else, as they will not receive a response.

Be sure to read through the entire Payroll Knowledge Book before submitting a request regarding tax forms, direct deposit, or incorrect or lost paychecks.






1.2. What is the pay rate for Reader/Evaluators?

The base pay rate for the Reader/Evaluator position is $15.00 per hour.  Any adjustments above that pay rate will align with the required tasks of the project. For more information on pay rates, see Chapter 1.3. in this Knowledge Book.



1.3. Is there a pay differentiation based on my degree (e.g., Master’s, Ph.D., multiple degrees, etc.)?

There is no difference in pay for higher or multiple degrees. However, if you are a certified teacher in these participating Smarter Balanced states/territories—California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, or the U.S. Virgin Islands—you may receive a different rate when working on the Smarter Balanced project. Pay rates differ by location, so please contact your DOE or Submit a HelpSpot request and select “Payroll” to ask about your pay rate.



1.4. How and when do I register for payroll?

Once you have been sent an invitation to work on a specific project (content, shift, and time zone) and have accepted that invitation, you will be sent an email with instructions to register in our payroll system (Step 9 of the Training Process chart). Please register in Measurement Incorporated’s payroll system (ADP) as soon as possible. For more information about registering for payroll, please see Chapter 5.1. in this Knowledge Book.



1.5. How do I verify my pay rate?

To verify your pay rate, go to the ADP website:  https://workforcenow.adp.com. Select Myself from the ADP dashboard. Click on My Information and then click on Profile. Under Pay Info, you can "reveal" your Regular Pay Rate. For your most current pay rate, please wait to check your rate until the start date of your most recent project assignment. Note: Ignore the Compensation field itself. It automatically calculates what your annual salary would be if you worked full-time, year-round. This information is not related to your hourly pay rate. If your rate in ADP is different from the rate you should be receiving, please Submit a HelpSpot request.



1.6. What is the pay schedule?

MI employees are paid every two weeks. Once you are registered in our payroll system (ADP), you can enter your direct deposit information online in your MI ADP account. You will receive a link to ADP and instructions by email from Measurement Incorporated in Step 12a of our processing chart located in the Training and Scoring Knowledge Book in Chapter 1.1.

  • If not receiving a direct deposit, a live check will be mailed to you on each Friday pay date. Please allow at least 5-7 business days for receipt of your check.
  • If you wish to access the calendar showing upcoming pay dates, once you are logged into your MI ADP account, click on Calendar, seen at the top of the page.

1.7. Are there deadlines for revising information in my ADP account?

Refer to the table below for dates by which you need to revise your account information to be reflected on your next paycheck. Revisions include name and address changes, direct deposit information, and your federal and state tax forms.

Deadlines for revisions to your information in ADP can vary depending on holidays in November and December and will be determined by Payroll closer to those times.

Pay Period

Pay Date

Make Changes in ADP by COB on the Friday before Pay Date

1/1/23 – 1/14/23

Pay date is January 20, 2023

Friday, 1/13/23

1/15/23 – 1/28/23

Pay date is February 3, 2023

Friday, 1/27/23

1/29/23 – 2/11/23

Pay date is February 17, 2023

Friday, 2/10/23

2/12/23 – 2/25/23

Pay date is March 3, 2023

Friday, 2/24/23

2/26/23 – 3/11/23

Pay date is March 17, 2023

Friday, 3/10/23

3/12/23 – 3/25/23

Pay date is March 31, 2023

Friday, 3/24/23

3/26/23 – 4/8/23

Pay date is April 14, 2023

Friday, 4/7/23

4/9/23 – 4/22/23

Pay date is April 28, 2023

Friday, 4/21/23

4/23/23 – 5/6/23

Pay date is May 12, 2023

Friday, 5/5/23

5/7/23 – 5/20/23

Pay date is May 26, 2023

Friday, 5/19/23

5/21/23 – 6/3/23

Pay date is June 9, 2023

Friday, 6/2/23

6/4/23 – 6/17/23

Pay date is June 23, 2023

Friday, 6/16/23

6/18/23 – 7/1/23

Pay date is July 7, 2023

Friday, 6/30/23

7/2/23 – 7/15/23

Pay date is July 21, 2023

Friday, 7/14/23

7/16/23 – 7/29/23

Pay date is August 4, 2023

Friday, 7/28/23

7/30/23 – 8/12/23

Pay date is August 18, 2023

Friday, 8/11/23

8/13/23 – 8/26/23

Pay date is September 1, 2023

Friday, 8/25/23

8/27/23 – 9/9/23

Pay date is September 15, 2023

Friday, 9/8/23

9/10/23 – 9/23/23

Pay date is September 29, 2023

Friday, 9/22/23

9/24/23 – 10/7/23

Pay date is October 13, 2023

Friday, 10/6/23

10/8/23 – 10/21/23

Pay date is October 27, 2023

Friday, 10/20/23

2. How is my time tracked?

2.1. How is my time tracked?

Your time will be tracked and automatically submitted to ADP via the MIRA scoring system. Please reference your Time Tracking and Timecard User Guide for more information. You will receive the guide once you accept a project assignment. 

NOTICE: Employees are only paid for time spent working in MIRA. You must be logged into MIRA to be considered actively working. There are rare exceptions to this, such as Teams Meetings for leadership. Exceptions such as this will be communicated to you by Scoring Leadership prior to or during the project. Inability to access MIRA during System Maintenance will not be considered as time spent working in MIRA.

3. What if I can’t log into ADP?

3.1. I can’t log in to ADP

  • Are you using the correct password? Do not confuse your login for MyStaffingPro (MSP) or MIRA (our training and scoring platform) with your login for ADP.
  • Your password may have expired. Follow the instructions for “Forgot your Password?”
  • Have you cleared your browser cache recently?
  • What browser are you using? The recommended browser for ADP is Chrome.

3.1a. I forgot my ADP password.

On the login screen, select “Forgot your Password?” and follow the directions.

3.1b. I still can’t log into ADP.

You have three attempts to log in before you are locked out of the system by the firewall that protects your financial information from unauthorized users.

  • If you get locked out, Submit a request in the HelpSpot portal, selecting the appropriate dropdown field.
  • Ask to have your ADP Password reset.
  • You will receive a temporary password from ADP via email that will allow you to enter a new password. The temporary password will be sent to the email address you have on file in your MyStaffingPro and ADP accounts (they should be the same). If your ADP email address is different, the temporary password will be sent to the email address you have on file in ADP.
  • Check your SPAM folder since correspondence from ADP is not typical. If you do not have access to the email address on file in ADP, Submit a HelpSpot request for assistance.
  • The temporary password is only good for a short time for security, so please reset your password promptly.
  • If you have not registered for your ADP account yet and need to change the email address associated with it, Submit a HelpSpot request for information about making that change.

3.2. “More than one instance of ADP open” error message

  • Receiving the error message “More than one instance of ADP open” generally happens if you did not log out of ADP the last time you accessed your account and either timed out or inadvertently “X’ed” out instead. ADP will mistakenly think you are still logged in when you are not.
  • To remedy this issue, clear your Internet browser cache/cookies, close the browser, and then open a new browser window before going back to the ADP site. You should then be able to log in.




3.3. More Troubleshooting tips

  • Clear Internet browser cache/cookies. Close browser. Open a new browser window.
  • Be sure you are using the correct website address for ADP, which is https://workforcenow.adp.com.



4. What if I can’t register for my ADP account?

4.1. Locked out of ADP registration

Please Submit a request to HelpSpot if you are locked out of registering for your ADP account or your attempt to register in ADP is unsuccessful. Please provide the text of any error message received.




4.2. Reader information not found by ADP when Reader is trying to register

  • You may be trying to register before your account has been set up.
  • Your account may be inactive. Were you hired last year but didn’t work? Please Submit a request to reactivate your account.
  • If you have not worked in the last 2 years, your account has been archived. Submit a request to have your account reactivated. Once you have access to your ADP account, immediately review your personal information and tax forms. Make any necessary changes.
  • If you live in a state where MI is not registered, you cannot work as a Reader/Evaluator for Measurement Incorporated.




4.3. More than one employer in ADP but Measurement Incorporated is not listed as one of them

  • Regardless of whether you have an account in ADP for another employer already, you must register for your MI ADP account.
  • Remember, the user ID and password for your MI ADP account must be different from your user ID and password for any other employer in ADP.
  • Submit a ticket to the Payroll category in HelpSpot to let us know that you have more than one employer in ADP and MI is not showing up as one of them.
  • You may receive instructions to re-register in ADP for a valid Measurement Incorporated account.


5. How do I update information in my ADP account?


Important: You will be required to register for your MI ADP account prior to training to complete federal and state tax forms, if applicable, as well as to enter your direct deposit information. Registration instructions can be found in the ADP User Guide. The ADP User Guide will be attached to your first training assignment email (Step 12a of the Training Process chart) and every training assignment email you receive after the first. Training assignment emails are sent via remotedonotreply@measinc.com.

Initially, federal and state forms for all new readers are set up in ADP as Single with 0 deductions. If that information is correct for you, you will not need to make any changes, but you need to register for your MI ADP account and set up direct deposit. Regardless of whether you are a new or returning Reader, you should always check all of the information in your account – name, address, W4s, and direct deposit – to be sure everything is accurate and up to date. Be sure to read all of Chapter 5 for more information on updating personal information, tax forms, and direct deposit in ADP.

5.2. Name and/or Address

Your account profile for all the systems Measurement Incorporated uses – ADP, MSP, MIRA, and WorkBright – should match and you should always provide your current full legal name.

To update your personal information in ADP, log in to workforcenow.adp.com

  • Click on Myself.
  • Click on My Information.
  • Choose Profile.
  • Choose View more under Personal Info.
  • Your personal information should then pop up on a separate screen. 
  • Scroll down to the Address section (or other info in need of revision) and update.
  • Review information to be sure it is correct and complete. For your address, be sure to include your apartment/unit #, if applicable. 
  • Finally, choose SAVE

Please only make changes that are absolutely necessary (legal name change, relocation, etc.)

  • If you make any changes to your name, address, or contact information, please change the information in MyStaffingPro (MSP) Please keep in mind that ADP and MSP are independent systems and need to be updated separately.
  • To update your MSP account, go to the Job Portal, click on Returning Candidates, and follow the directions. Be sure to use the email address where all MyStaffingPro correspondence is sent. You can log into MSP through Facebook, but the email must be the same one currently in your MSP profile. If you use a different email address to enter MSP, you will create a duplicate account. Creating a duplicate account will delay processing and, as a result, you may not receive work.
  • A name change requires proof that this is your new legal name.
  • If you move to a different state, and if the state deducts for state income tax, you must complete new state tax forms in ADP. Until you complete new tax forms for your new location, Payroll will set your withholdings to Single – 0.

Note: Only Submit a request if you are unable to update the information, or if you need instructions on how to provide proof-of-name-change documentation.






5.3. Tax Forms

Initially federal and state tax forms for all new readers are set up in ADP as Single with 0 deductions. If that information is correct for you, you do not need to make any changes. 

When you enter ADP, select Myself from the dashboard. Under the Pay category, click on Tax Withholdings. Follow the instructions to complete your form or make changes.

Note: Only Submit a request if you are unable to update the information.

  • If you have a change of address, you need to update that first in the Profile area (see Chapter 5.2. in this Knowledge Book) before making any revisions to the tax forms.
  • If you have moved to another state, Payroll will need to upload the appropriate tax form for you after they have approved your address change. If you have moved to a different state, please check the tax form area of your ADP account often. When the appropriate state tax form has been uploaded, complete it in a timely manner.
  • Once you have access to the new state tax form, you must start with the federal form first, even if you are not making any changes, before proceeding to the state form.
  • Important: If you make any changes to your tax forms in ADP, you need to make those changes by the Friday before the next pay date. Any changes made after that Friday will not become active until the following payroll cycle.

5.4. Direct Deposit Information

Once you register for your ADP account, watch this video about setting up Direct Deposit: https://support.adp.com/basic/cr/matraining/sims/wfn/80929/settingupadirectdeposit/index.html

The link above will have you log back into ADP first.

You can follow these written instructions below instead of watching the video:

When you enter, or change, direct deposit information in your ADP account and click SAVE, you may see a banner on the page saying your account information has been verified. If you receive that message, your next paycheck should be direct deposited.

If you do not see this banner, it means that ADP could not verify the information right away, so they will go through the standard verification process during the next payroll cycle. For the payroll cycle when ADP is verifying your direct deposit information, you will be sent a live paper check via US mail to the address on file in ADP. Please check your mailing address in ADP to be certain it is correct and complete.

To change or add your direct deposit information, log into your MI ADP account. When you enter ADP, select Myself from the dashboard and then under the Pay category click on Payment Options to add or change your account information. Note: Only Submit a HelpSpot request if you are unable to update the information.

  • If adding a new account, or changing your account information, click on Add Bank.
  • After choosing Add Bank Account, you are then prompted to enter the Routing Number and confirm.
  • Then enter the Account Number and confirm.
  • You will see the drop-down menu to choose Account Type.

If you make any changes to your direct deposit information, be sure to click on Save.

  • If you are changing direct deposit info, you should choose the first option on the list that is not already associated with an account. If an account number shows up on the right, that option/code is already taken.
  • You can cancel an existing account by clicking on the trash can icon located to the right of the Bank Account Direct Deposit It is best not to overwrite an old account number in the event you need to refer to it later.

If you are NOT making any changes, but are just viewing your DD information, click Cancel to exit that screen when you are done reviewing your information.

  • Again, if you just need to view your direct deposit information, click Cancel to exit the screen. Do NOT click on Save, or you will reset your effective date and ADP may go through the banking verification process again which could delay your direct deposit from becoming active.
  • The effective date is the date that you entered your direct deposit information.


  • If you are entering information for an account that has a debit/credit card associated with it, do not use the number on the front of your card. You need to enter the account/routing numbers associated with the actual account. If you do not have this information, contact the banking institution where you have the account.
  • If you are entering information for a checking account, use the account/routing number from one of your checks. Do not use the information from a deposit slip. If you are not sure which information is correct, have your bank supply the information to you.

5.5. Direct Deposit vs. Live Paper Check

  • If a live paper check needs to be sent while your banking information for direct deposit is being verified by ADP, your check will be mailed from headquarters in Durham, NC via US mail on the Friday pay date to the address on file for you in ADP. Allow 5-7 business days for delivery.
  • You will also receive a separate paystub for $0 which is the official notification by ADP that they are verifying your banking information during that payroll cycle.
  • Please check your address in ADP to be certain it is correct. Any revisions to address information must be done by the Friday before the next pay date in order for your check to be mailed to that address.

6. What if I need a time entry adjustment?

6.1. General Information

If you need a time entry adjustment, you need to Submit a HelpSpot ticket. The deadline for submitting any time entry adjustment request is no later than 2 PM on the Monday following each week of work. Please keep your communication brief and clear. Specify the date and time you are missing. Be sure to submit your MIRA log and let us know you have done so in your HelpSpot ticket. Please reference your Time Tracking and Timecard User Guide for more information. You will receive the guide once you accept a project assignment. 



6.2. What does “supervisor approval needed” mean?

The yellow exclamation point that says “supervisor approval needed” refers to your time entries and is true for every time entry for every reader and is normal. Supervisors review/approve time as the pay period progresses, or towards the end of each pay period.





7. How do I report a lost check?

7.1. Late check

  • Checks are mailed on each Friday pay date (every two weeks) via U.S. mail. They are mailed from MI headquarters in Durham, NC. You should allow 5-7 business days for receipt before you Submit a HelpSpot request.
  • To avoid lost checks, please sign up for direct deposit if you have a bank account. Please see Chapter 5.3. in this Knowledge Book for more information on direct deposit. Check the address on file for you in ADP to be certain it is correct if receiving a live check.




7.2. If you have waited at least 7 business days

If you have waited at least 7 business days from the Friday pay date and still have no check, Payroll will need the following information:

  • For the paycheck in question—we need the pay period/pay date and the correct mailing address. Let us know whether your mail is being forwarded (if you have moved and the check was sent to an old address).
  • Was the address in ADP correct at the time the check was generated? It would need to have been updated no later than the Friday prior to the pay date.
  • To view Pay Stub Information in ADP:                                      
    • Click on Myself
    • Click on Pay
    • Click on Pay Statements

For a live check, the address on the paystub is where a check would have been mailed.





7.3. Stop payment information

  • A “stop payment” can be placed on a check. Because ADP charges a fee to place a stop on a check, Payroll recommends you wait at least 7-10 business days to see if you receive the check or if the check is returned to MI by the post office. If a check is returned to MI as undeliverable, it can be re-mailed with a corrected address on it and no fee is involved.
  • If you wish to place a stop on a check, Payroll will need the pay period/pay date, correct mailing address, check #, and check amount, which you can view in ADP. To view your paystubs, follow the directions given in Chapter 7.2. of this Knowledge Book.
  • If you request a stop on a check, please keep the following in mind:
    • Depending on the reason for the stop, you may be responsible for the stop check fee.
    • If you request a stop on a check, it takes 7 to 10 business days before Payroll is notified by ADP that they can reissue the check.
    • If you then receive the check during the 7 to 10 business day timeframe, it would no longer be cashable.
    • Once ADP approves funds being reissued, the funds are generally re-issued on the next pay date.
    • Reissued checks may be live paper checks that will be sent via US mail, or they may be direct deposited, if your direct deposit has been verified by ADP in time for the pay date when the funds are reissued.

8. What if I think my pay is incorrect?

8.1. Net pay issue

  • Net pay can be affected by various factors, including:
    • Tax withholdings, or lack thereof
    • Withholdings for Medicare and/or Social Security
    • Garnishments for back taxes, child support, etc.
    • Check covering a partial pay period
  • If you have an issue, Submit a request providing the pay period and pay date for the check in question and details about why you think your paycheck was incorrect.



8.2. Pay rate issue

  • If you scored in previous years as a certified teacher in a participating Smarter Balanced state/territory but your state or territory is no longer participating in the Smarter Balanced project, you may receive a different pay rate for the current scoring season.
  • If you Submit a request, please provide the pay period and details about why you think your pay rate is incorrect.



9. How do I request Employment Verification or a Reference?


Requests for this documentation are handled through the process outlined in this chapter.

Refer to the other sections of Chapter 9 in this Knowledge Book for specific instructions on how to submit a written request for work references or employment verification.

9.2. If you need an Employment Verification letter

If you have worked as a reader/evaluator for MI during the current scoring season and need a letter giving your start and end dates, pay rate, and/or total earnings for the period that you worked, submit a HelpSpot request to this Payroll category. Please specify which of these pieces of information should be included in the letter when you submit your request. We will do our best to deliver a letter to you or an agency within 48 hours, but please allow 3-5 business days for processing. We cannot honor a same day request so please plan accordingly.

9.3. If you need a Verification of Employment form completed

If you need to have an employment verification form completed, please send a PDF of the form as an attachment when you submit your HelpSpot ticket. You need to include the agency/company that needs the form, a contact person or case #, an email address or fax number, and the date by which the completed form is needed. We will do our best to deliver these forms to you or an agency within 48 hours, but please allow 3-5 business days for processing. We cannot honor a same day request so please plan accordingly.

9.4. If you need a Reference

Due to the nature of the work-from-home Reader/Evaluator position, we cannot provide written or detailed references. However, we can provide the name and contact information of a supervisor if you need a reference. Submit a request through HelpSpot for more information.