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Training and Scoring Knowledge Book

1. Training Status

1.1. What is my Training Status?

Please check your most recent email from MI about your next step to make sure you have finished the Onboarding Process (see Onboarding Part B in the Application and Hiring Knowledge Book). If you have finished, please submit a request (SUBMIT a HelpSpot request) if you discover your next step has been delayed. You can also go to the Job Portal, click on Returning Candidates, and follow the directions. Be sure to use the email address to which all MyStaffingPro (MSP) correspondence is sent. This is the email that is in your current MyStaffingPro (MSP) profile.


Training Process

Action Required

Step 9

Notice of Eligibility and Availability

Qualified Reader or Returning Reader is notified of eligibility to receive an invitation to a project. Email also contains confirmation of shift preference. If your shift preference changed, please submit a HelpSpot request (SUBMIT a HelpSpot request) immediately.

Step 10

Invitation to join a project

Measurement Incorporated sends invitation with link to accept/decline specific project. Qualified Reader accepts invitation and provides shift and time zone information, or declines invitation (See

Step 11

Register for Payroll System

If invitation is accepted, Qualified Reader receives instructions on setting up an account in MI’s payroll system (ADP). Qualified Reader will also separately receive login credentials for MI Scoring and Training Platform (MIRA/VSC).

Step 12

MI training team provides training dates to Readers ready to train

Measurement Incorporated sends email to Qualified Reader with training dates and times, an installation package, and information about the MI payroll system (see 2.1.).

Step 13

Training begins

Qualified Reader installs MI Scoring and Training platform. Qualified Reader uses MI Scoring and Training platform credentials to log into the system and start training.



1.2. Where is my invitation?

Invitations to a project assignment (Step 10) are sent after you have been notified of your eligibility to receive an invitation to a project and your shift preference has been confirmed.

Invitations to accept/decline a specific project assignment will be issued a few weeks before the project requires Readers. Limited positions are available in January and February. Most likely a specific project invitation will not arrive before mid-March, at the earliest.

Please note: Positions are offered first to Returning Readers with solid accuracy and production. Measurement Incorporated cannot guarantee that all available readers will be offered a project assignment.

1.3. What happens if I decline my invitation?

If you decline the offered invitation, you may not receive work as a Remote Reader in 2020 with Measurement Incorporated. If you become available later in the scoring season or want to change your decision, please submit a HelpSpot Request (SUBMIT a HelpSpot request) to be reconsidered for Online Scoring work.

Note: If you declined a specific Remote project job offer due to your availability, you will receive a Not Qualified message. You can disregard this Not Qualified message – you are still eligible for future project invitations.

2. Pending Assignment

2.1. When will I receive a scoring/work assignment?

Once you have been sent an invitation to work on a specific project (content, shift, and time zone) and have accepted that invitation to work, you will receive a pre-training email (Step 11). This email will contain ADP/TES registration instructions. After you have registered in ADP/TES, you will be sent an email, within three business days, identifying your specific training lesson (Step 12).


If you have successfully registered in ADP/TES and more than five business days have elapsed, please contact us at traininghotline@measinc.com. We value your willingness to work as a Reader/Evaluator on this upcoming scoring project!


2.2. What should I do if I am no longer available to work for MI?

If you have completed training, contact your TL using the Chat function to let scoring leadership know that you are no longer able to work on your current project or no longer available to work for MI. If you have yet to complete training, please notify MI by contacting traininghotline@measinc.com.

3. Training Questions

3.1. How long is the training process for Remote Readers?

Your assignment email will give you the exact amount of training time available. Many projects allow two to three (2-3) business days from the start date given in your assignment email to complete your assigned lesson(s). Others require more days.

We ask that you train within your selected shift and time zone as you complete the training. Training is self-guided, and your training assignment email will provide you details if your training schedule is more (or less) flexible than your scoring schedule. However you may only train Monday through Friday, for up to 7.5 hours a day.

The number of lessons varies with the content area, but your training schedule will provide you with enough time to complete all your assigned lessons.

3.2. Is this a paid training?

Yes. This means you will log in to our timekeeping system (ADP/TES) before you enter the MIRA scoring system so your training time can be reported to payroll.

Measurement Incorporated is able to track your progress through the lessons, so you need to log out of both systems when you are not training.

3.3. I can’t find my MIRA username and/or password

Remote Readers are sent their current username for the MIRA Scoring System in an email with measinc.com in the address. All Remote Readers will need to create a new password. Please see the Technical Requirements Knowledge Book and select 1.2 MIRA Password Requirements.

If you misplaced your username and/or are having difficulties with your password reset or log-in to the training/scoring system, please submit a HelpSpot request (SUBMIT a HelpSpot request), select “Technical Issues” and choose “MIRA/VSC Password reset or need username.”

Remember, your MIRA and ADP/TES logon information is not interchangeable. Please use the correct password and username for the MIRA scoring system.


3.4. I’m having problems with my training lesson

If you have content questions, please email traininghotline@measinc.com.  If you have technical questions (i.e. cannot install the software, or have problems reading the materials, or moving through the training lessons), please submit a HelpSpot request (SUBMIT a HelpSpot request), select “Technical Issues,” and choose the appropriate category.


3.5. How do I keep track of my work time while training and scoring?

Information and instructions about using our Time Entry System (TES) are in the “ADP Account User Guide” attached to the training assignment email you receive. In it you will find instructions on:

  • Our new timekeeping system
  • How to check your timecard for accuracy
  • How to report a time entry that is incorrect
  • How to edit personal information in ADP
  • How to verify your Rate of Pay
  • How to print your payroll statements, add or change your Direct Deposit information, or submit new tax forms
  • Troubleshooting tips for ADP

It is your responsibility to keep an accurate log of your work hours for reference, to review your timecard in ADP for accuracy at least once a week, and to report any inaccuracies to our website for remote reader/evaluators called HelpSpot.

3.6. When do I start scoring after training?

After you successfully complete the lesson(s) you were assigned, you are eligible to begin scoring IMMEDIATELY. You will NOT receive another email asking you to start scoring.

When you immediately start scoring and no student responses are available when you select the scoring icon, Chat with your Team Leader. There are times when the flow of responses is slow.

  • Please also read the Out of Work Message on your dashboard when you log into MIRA to begin scoring!

3.7. What happens if I do not qualify on a training assignment?

If you have several lessons to train on, keep training.  You will be able to score items for any training you successfully completed.

If you were given one training lesson you may receive another project invitation if there are multiple scoring projects offered during a scoring season. However, all available Readers must receive a first lesson assignment before you may receive a second lesson assignment.  Please contact traininghotline@measinc.com if you would like another assignment.

4. Scoring Scheduling Questions

4.1. What is the Remote Scoring Schedule?

  • Scoring schedules are NOT like flexible training schedules.
  • We match your selected schedule with the appropriate scoring leadership. Therefore, you may not interchange time zones or shifts without permission.
  • Readers are not allowed to score unsupervised, and times outside the approved schedule will not be paid.

If you need to change your schedule due to changed circumstances BEFORE you train, you must notify us right away at traininghotline@measinc.com so we can assign you to different scoring leadership. This change may require new training lessons.

If you need to change your schedule due to changed circumstances AFTER you train, you must notify your scoring leadership right away so you can be assigned to a different scoring leadership group. This change may require new training lessons and may result in a delayed start date. Please continue to work within your current shift/schedule until you are notified that your new schedule has been approved.

Multiple shift changes and/or continually working outside your shift may result in dismissal from the project.

Shift Information Recap:

  • Day shift sessions (either morning or afternoon) last 3.5 hours.
  • You may combine day shift sessions for a full day, but you may not mix day and evening shifts as the leadership is not the same.
  • Evening shift sessions last 4 hours.
  • Each session—morning, afternoon, evening—contains one paid 15-minute break.
  • If working both day sessions, Readers are required to take an unpaid 45-minute lunch break between sessions.
  • If you signed up for mornings or afternoons only and later find that you can sometimes work both day sessions, you may do so, but please let your Team Leader know ahead of time.

Approved Scoring Schedules (Monday–Friday, within your chosen time zone):

  • Day Shift: 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon (3.5 hrs) and/or 12:45 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. (3.5 hrs)
  • Evening Shift: 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (4 hrs)

4.2. What happens if I need to take a day off during the workweek?

Please use the Chat function in the MIRA scoring system to advise your Team Leader in advance when you will not be logging in to work, or simply inform your leadership about your absence through Chat when you return. If you are unable to Chat with your Team Leader about an extended absence (more than a day), you may contact us at traininghotline@measinc.com. Include your full name, shift, project name, content area/grade, and the name of your Team Leader. We will alert your leadership.

 An extended period of absence requires approval from your leadership. Inconsistent attendance may result in dismissal from the project.

5. Post Project Information

5.1. How can I receive employment verification?

Please go to the Payroll Knowledge Book, Sections 8.1 and 8.2, for up to date information on receiving employment verification.


5.2. Does MI provide references?

Online scoring is part-time, seasonal work.  Training is self-guided and supervision is done through instant messaging. Because of the nature of this work and the limited contact with leadership, Measurement Incorporated does not provide professional references or recommendations for Remote Readers/Evaluators seeking work elsewhere. However, we can provide employment verification for Remote Readers/Evaluators. If you need the name and contact information of a Measurement Incorporated supervisor for a job application, please submit a request through HelpSpot for more information.