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9.1. When will I receive a scoring/work assignment?

You are eligible to receive an invitation to work on a specific project once all onboarding paperwork has been completed.

Although completing our onboarding process is essential to receiving work, Measurement Incorporated cannot guarantee that all available Readers will be offered a project assignment.

MI’s Scoring Season for the Reader/Evaluator position typically begins in late January each year. Projects scheduled from January to April are usually staffed with experienced Reader/Evaluators.

The highest demand for Reader/Evaluators begins in April and ends in June. New Reader/Evaluators, those who recently completed our application and onboarding process, are typically staffed during this time period.

Projects scheduled from July to December each year are usually staffed with experienced Readers/Evaluators. However, it is recommended that you opt-in to MyStaffingPro’s text messaging service and monitor your email for job offers at least twice a month throughout the year as the scope of our work and the demand for Readers/Evaluators can change periodically.

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