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1.1. What is my status?

New Applicant

Applicant in Progress


Qualified Reader (aka Reader in Progress)


For more information about our Recognition of Reader Requirements see Chapter 5.2. in this Knowledge Book.

Returning Scoring Staff

AP – Not Qualified notice.

If you received this notice – and you have a Bachelor’s degree, answer confidentiality questions, meet the tech requirements, provide tax forms and proof of citizenship, live in an area where we hire, and applied to the correct job opening – it may be because:

Please check your most recent email from MI about your next step in the process. Review the checklist below and Submit a HelpSpot request if you discover your next step has been delayed for more than a week. Some steps require close review for many applicants.  If you are in the Application process (see below) you can also go to the Job Portal, click on Returning Candidates, and follow the directions. Be sure to use the email address where all of our applicant tracking system MyStaffingPro (MSP) correspondence is sent.

Part A

Application Process

Action Required

Step 1

Complete the online application

Applicant initiates and completes the online application which includes answering a brief questionnaire and supplying references. Note: When creating or updating your MyStaffingPro account provide your current full legal name.

Step 2

Submit or upload proof of degree (official transcript or diploma)

Applicant receives an email with a link to fill out required information before uploading images or scanned documents to a secure drop box (See Chapter 3 below in this Knowledge Book).

Step 3

Complete Recognition of Reader/Evaluator Requirements

Measurement Incorporated sends a link to the applicant. Applicant reads over the accompanying document and then completes the questionnaire (See Chapter 5 in this Knowledge Book).

Part B

Onboarding Process

Action Required

Step 4

Applicant hired to “Reader Pool” as Qualified Reader

Notice sent to new Qualified Reader.

Step 5

Complete Hiring Forms (Readers in Progress start here)

Qualified Reader completes hiring forms sent through MyStaffingPro. See Payroll Knowledge Book, Chapters 1 and 5

Step 6

Information sent to Payroll

Qualified Reader is notified that hiring forms are completed and paperwork has been sent to payroll to complete the onboarding process.

Step 7

Notice of Eligibility and Availability (Returning Readers start here)

Qualified Reader and Returning Readers are notified of eligibility to receive an invitation to a project. Email also contains confirmation of shift preference. If your shift preference changes, please Submit a HelpSpot request immediately.


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