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3.1. When will I receive a scoring/work assignment?

Once you have been sent an invitation to work on a specific project (content, shift, and time zone), accepted that invitation to work, and completed your Form I-9 (if required), you will receive an email with information about what to expect before the work assignment begins (Step 10 of the Training Process).

Closer to your training assignment date you will receive one email with your login credentials for the MI Scoring and Training Platform (MIRA) (Step 11 of the Training Process), and another email with specific details about your training assignment, a link to the installation of the MIRA platform, as well as information about registering for or making changes to your account in Paycor, MI’s payroll system (Step 12a and 12B of the Training Process). Please go to our Payroll Knowledge Book for more information about registering for a payroll account, setting up direct deposit, and how to make changes to tax forms and profile details.

If you have not received a training assignment email 2 business days before the start date(s) included in the job description/job offer, please contact us at HelpSpot. We value your willingness to work as a Reader/Evaluator on this upcoming scoring project!






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