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1.1. What is my Training Status?

Please check your most recent email from MI about your next step to make sure you have finished the Onboarding Process (see Onboarding Part B in the Application and Hiring Knowledge Book). If you have finished, please submit a request (SUBMIT a HelpSpot request) if you discover your next step has been delayed. You can also go to the Job Portal, click on Returning Candidates, and follow the directions. Be sure to use the email address to which all MyStaffingPro (MSP) correspondence is sent. This is the email that is in your current MyStaffingPro (MSP) profile.


Training Process

Action Required

Step 9

Notice of Eligibility and Availability

Qualified Reader or Returning Reader is notified of eligibility to receive an invitation to a project. Email also contains confirmation of shift preference. If your shift preference changed, please submit a HelpSpot request (SUBMIT a HelpSpot request) immediately.

Step 10

Invitation to join a project

Measurement Incorporated sends invitation with link to accept/decline specific project. Qualified Reader accepts invitation and provides shift and time zone information, or declines invitation (See

Step 11

Register for Payroll System

If invitation is accepted, Qualified Reader receives instructions on setting up an account in MI’s payroll system (ADP). Qualified Reader will also separately receive login credentials for MI Scoring and Training Platform (MIRA/VSC).

Step 12

MI training team provides training dates to Readers ready to train

Measurement Incorporated sends email to Qualified Reader with training dates and times, an installation package, and information about the MI payroll system (see 2.1.).

Step 13

Training begins

Qualified Reader installs MI Scoring and Training platform. Qualified Reader uses MI Scoring and Training platform credentials to log into the system and start training.



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