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2.2. What is a Continued Click?

A Continued Click represents a 15-minute period of time when there has been no scoring or training activity in MIRA. After 15 minutes of inactivity, a Timeout Warning (see below) appears on the screen that prompts the Reader to continue to work in MIRA or to log out. A Continued Click usually comes into play when a Reader is taking their 15-minute paid break or is taking a little time to review training materials in the Resource Library. Upon returning from break or completing this review, the Timeout Warning may appear on the screen, allowing for the option to click “Continue” and resume working without having to log out and log back in.  If the Reader clicks “Continue," then the Timeout Warning goes away and time continues to accrue in MIRA. Clicking on “Continue” registers as one Continued Click. 

The number of each Reader's Continued Clicks is monitored by our system and reported to Scoring Management. Typically, Readers will not have many Continued Clicks during any single scoring session. An excessive number of Continued Clicks indicates an inordinate amount of time in MIRA that was not spent scoring student responses. This inactivity is flagged and could result in a warning from a Scoring Supervisor. Failure to correct this behavior and reduce Continued Clicks after being warned will likely result in removal from the project.

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