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2.4. What is the WorkBright process?

There are 2 sections to the I-9 process. Both sections must be finished before your I-9 is complete. We ask that you complete Form I-9 prior to the start date of the project.

Section 1 you complete by yourself, and Section 2 requires a third-party witness to your documents. You and your witness (Authorized Representative) will each need access to Smartphones to receive text messages and complete this process.

There are NO hard copy forms to fill out, no documents to upload and notarizing that needs to be done. This process is ALL electronic/virtual.

Section 1:

1. You will receive notification from WorkBright to set up an account. We urge you to log into WorkBright, set up your account and complete all steps using a Smartphone. A computer may be used for this step only but using a Smartphone will make the remaining steps in the process much easier.

2. Enter your personal information correctly. Double-check your entries for date of birth and Social Security number.

Note: You have NOT completed the Form I-9 process after you have received notification that Section 1 was accepted. You must complete Section 2.

Section 2:

1. You will receive a notification from WorkBright to begin Section 2. The notification provides a 3-step process and a link: “Start I-9 Verification”.

2. Set up a time to meet with your Authorized Representative (AR) in person.

3. Your Authorized Representative (AR) will verify your identifying documents.

You can also visit the WorkBright website and watch a Remote Form I-9 tutorial: I-9 Video

We suggest that you log into WorkBright periodically to view your status: WorkBright

You may miss an email from WorkBright prompting you to begin the Section 2 Authorized Representative review and verification process. However, if you are at this step there will be a message in red at the top of your screen letting you know if this step still needs to be completed.

If you still have questions about this process or have technical difficulties during this process, please submit a request at: HELPSPOT

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