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2.4. What is the WorkBright process?

Note: Please opt-in to the WorkBright text messaging service. This will make the process and corresponding instructions easier to follow and complete.

There are 2 sections to the I-9 process. Both sections must be finished before your I-9 is complete. We ask that you complete Form I-9 prior to the start date of the project.

You complete Section 1 by yourself, and Section 2 requires a third-party witness to your documents. You and your witness (Authorized Representative) will each need access to smartphones to receive text messages and complete this process.

There are NO hard copy forms to fill out. This process is ALL electronic.

Section 1:

You will receive notification from WorkBright to set up an account.

Enter your personal information correctly. Double-check your entries for date of birth and Social Security number.

    1. Select the type of document(s) you will use to prove identity and work authorization, e.g., Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Passport. Click here to access a list of acceptable documents: Documents
    2. Using a smartphone, take a picture of the document(s).
    3. Once you complete Section 1 of Form I-9, a dedicated I-9 MI staff member will review your submission. If accepted, you will receive an email from WorkBright asking you to start the Section 2 process.
    4. If Section 1 of Form I-9 is rejected by a dedicated I-9 MI staff member, you will receive a notification with an explanation for why your submission was rejected.

Note: You have NOT completed the Form I-9 process after you have received notification that Section 1 was accepted. You must complete Section 2. However, you will not be completing Section 2 by yourself. You CANNOT sign Section 2. This is a violation of Form I-9 law and cannot be accepted. You must have an Authorized Representative to help you complete Section 2.

Section 2:

  1. You will receive a notification from WorkBright to begin Section 2. The notification provides a 3-step process and a link: “Start I-9 Verification.”
  2. Set up a time to meet with your Authorized Representative (AR) in person.
    1. The AR must have a smartphone to complete Section 2.
    2. The AR can be anyone 18 or older, including a friend, colleague, neighbor, roommate, or family member.
  3. Your Authorized Representative (AR) will verify your identifying documents.
    1. Using your smartphone, click on the “Start I-9 Verification” link.
    2. Share your location via smartphone. * You may be prompted to allow your phone to share its location with Measurement Incorporated. In order to continue please select “Allow” or “Yes.”
    3. Provide the cell phone number of your AR.
    4. The AR will receive a text that includes a link for them to click.
    5. The AR will share their location via smartphone. Your Authorized Representative may be prompted to allow their phone to share its location with Measurement Incorporated. In order to continue, they will need to select “Allow” or “Yes.”
    6. Photos of the documents you provided in Section 1 will appear on the AR’s smartphone.
    7. Show the AR the original documents.
    8. The AR clicks on “Photos Match” or “Photos Do Not Match.”
    9. The AR fills their name into the name fields and signs their name. Note: If an AR adds the MI employee’s name to the name fields that correspond to the signature, we have to consider that as the employee signing as their own agent even if the AR correctly signs the form.

*The WorkBright system must confirm that you and your Authorized Representative are in the same place during the Section 2 I-9 Verification process.

If you do not share your location via smartphone, you and/or your AR will have to scan a QR code as an alternative way to confirm your location. This may require the use of your cameras and/or installing a QR code application on your phones. We highly recommend that you allow your smartphone to share your location during this process to reduce the number of steps and possible errors during this process.

We suggest that you log into WorkBright periodically to view your status: WorkBright

You may miss an email from WorkBright prompting you to begin the Section 2 Authorized Representative review and verification process. However, if you are logged into the WorkBright system and you are at this step, there will be a message in red at the top of your screen letting you know if this step still needs to be completed. However, opting in and allowing text message notifications from the WorkBright system should eliminate this issue.

If you still have questions about this process or experience any technical difficulties, please Submit a HelpSpot request.

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