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2.1. Introduction

Measurement Incorporated is partnered with WorkBright, a third-party I-9 system, to provide a simpler and faster Form I-9 process. Be sure to add “workbright.com” to your safe sender's list so you do not miss any correspondence sent by the company.

Please note that this process will require the use of a Smartphone. Both you and the Authorized Representative that will help you complete the I-9 process will need a smartphone. If you do not own or have access to a smartphone or do not wish to acquire one for this process, please do not accept a project assignment from Measurement Incorporated.

Seasonal employees are required to have a completed Form I-9 to work each scoring season. In many cases, a completed Form I-9 with a verified start date is good for three years but there are exceptions. Below is an explanation of our current I-9 process:

you DO NOT have to do anything to work on your next assignment.

you will NOT have to complete a new Form I-9 but you MUST provide an updated document to work on your next assignment. (see below for additional information)

you MUST complete a new Form I-9 to work on your next assignment.

Receipts of newly requested List A, List B, and List C documents can be used during the Form I-9 process, but the use of a receipt does not constitute completion of the I-9 process. When those receipts expire, only the official List A, List B, or List B document may be used to complete the I-9 process. This expiration date may occur at any time during a scoring season. If you are required to present this documentation, you will be provided with instructions. 

Measurement Incorporated reserves the right to require any seasonal employee to complete the Form I-9 process during any scoring season despite the explanations provided above.


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