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1.1. What is my application status?

What is my application status?

Please check your most recent email from MI about your next step in the application process. Review the checklist below and submit a HelpSpot request if you discover your next step has been delayed. You can also go to the Job Portal, click on Returning Candidates, and follow the directions. Be sure to use the email address where all MyStaffingPro correspondence is sent.

Part A

Application Process

Action Required

Step 1

Complete the online application

Applicant initiates and completes the online application which includes answering a brief questionnaire and supplying references.

Step 2

Upload current version of resume

Applicant uploads resume during the online application process to his/her MyStaffingPro (MSP) profile.

Step 3

Submit or upload proof of degree (official transcript or diploma)

Applicant receives email with link to fill out required information before uploading images or scanned documents to a secure drop box.

Step 4

Complete virtual interview

Measurement Incorporated sends a link to the applicant. Applicant reads over accompanying document and then completes interview online.

Part B

Onboarding Process

Action Required

Step 5

I-9 Form 1 Documentation

Applicant recently received notification updating status to “Qualified MI Reader.” Qualified Reader then receives Form 1 of the I-9, completes it, and electronically signs form.

Step 6

I-9 Form 2 Documentation

Qualified Reader receives instructions and a link to fill out required information before uploading images or scans of I-9 Form 2, and other required documents, to a secure drop box.

Step 7

Complete Hiring Forms

Qualified Reader completes all hiring forms sent through MyStaffing Pro (new hire forms, tax forms, etc.).

Part C

Training Process

Action Required

Step 8

Invitation to join a project

Measurement Incorporated sends invitation with link to accept/decline specific project. Qualified Reader accepts invitation and provides shift and time zone information, or declines invitation.

Step 9

Register for Payroll System

If invitation is accepted, Qualified Reader receives instructions on setting up an account in MI’s payroll system (ADP).

Step 10

MI training team provides training dates to Readers ready to train

Measurement Incorporated sends email to Qualified Reader with training dates and times, and information about timekeeping in the MI payroll system. Qualified Reader begins training on specified date.

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